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Private Soccer Classes

These private soccer classes are great for developing players skills and technical ability and are often used by players prepping for travel teams or players that just want to improve their technique.

The class can be tailored to your requests and that way it ensures we can focus on the specifics you have identified.

It's not just for competitive players though as we also run classes for friends / siblings that just want to have some fun and play!

Case study #1: A group of 4 year old friends that want to play together and have some fun. Of course they will learn many soccer skills but within their own group at a time that works for them.

Case study #2: A 14 year old player who already has some experience playing travel soccer wants to work on their ball skills in preparation for varsity soccer tryouts. For this we build a bespoke training plan based on the players needs and train for 1 hour 1on1 each week.

Case study #3: A group of 2 year old players played winter term with us but unfortunately they all couldn't get into the same class with their favorite coach. We were able to work with them and the coaches schedule to find a day/time and location that works for everyone.

Private Soccer Classes in Williamsburg, Greenpoint and Bushwick Brooklyn
Private Soccer Classes

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