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Girls & Goals

As a female in the world of soccer, you notice the difference in representation almost

immediately. At WSC we want to be a safe haven for young girls who wish to further

their development in soccer.

Even in 2022, the best female soccer players in the world right now are forced to

convince society that they are deserving of equal compensation as the men of their sport.

However, these battles are being fought to inspire and pave the way for our female soccer

players of tomorrow.

Williamsburg Soccer Club recognizes the struggles that young girls are set to face in the

athletic world and we intend on fully preparing them to take the world by storm! Know

that when your girls walk into WSC they will have a team of coaches who want to

maximize their potential and build their confidence. By the time they walk away we hope

to have made an impact on their lives, but not just in soccer.

We aim to teach young ladies to believe in themselves, to take no shortcuts and to play

the game they love to their fullest potential!

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