Ten Eyck, Outdoor - Saturday 10.20AM

3 week class term, 45 minutes each week from November 7th - November 21st


Classes are built around play and games disguising the learning aspect. This format encourages more engagement from the class resulting in better participation.


Soccer skills they will develop

  • Start to develop a range of kicking
  • Slow directional dribbling and control
  • Enjoy scoring goals



What will my soccer star learn?

-       Our coaches will lead them through a series of organized mini games that help to develop listening skills, balance, running, playing as a group, basic ball skills and foot-eye coordination. In this class in particular, they will start to play 1v1s and scrimmage as a team.



I've been playing in the 3yr class, what will we learn now?

-       Our 4&5 year old classes focus on 1v1’s and scrimmaging! Drills and games in these classes will help the soccer player learn to score goals while their opponent is trying to take the ball away from them.



Will they pay attention and be able to do all drills on the first class?

-       Every single child is different! Some students get it right away and others need a little bit more time to get used to the concept of not using their hands, and to our 2-3 coaches (new faces they may not recognize)! Once they become accustomed to the routine and to our coaches they will pay attention more and more as the weeks progress.



Do parents need to be involved?

-       Nope, you can sit back and cheer them on from the sidelines!

Ten Eyck, Outdoor - Saturday 10.20AM

  • Classes take place outdoors at Ten Eyck Playground, Meserole Street, Brooklyn NY (Located behind PS196 off the Montrose L) on the turf field.

    Ten Eyck Playground has just undergone a reconstruction project with $3,696,000 being invested into the space, which now has; new play equipment, a spray shower, a synthetic turf field and painted track, a basketball court, lighting, fencing, pavement, plantings, and site furnishings. Check out the location plan.