8 class term, 35 minutes each week. May 2nd - June 28th


[No classes May 23rd]

36-48 monthsThey take place at Ten Eyck Playgound, Meserole St, Brooklyn NY 11026

Ten Eyck Playground has just undergone a reconstruction project with $3,696,000 being invested into the space, which now has; new play equipment, a spray shower, a synthetic turf field and painted track, a basketball court, lighting, fencing, pavement, plantings, and site furnishings. Check out the location plan.

Spring Outdoor, Ten Eyck - Saturday 12.40pm

  • 8 class term, 35 minutes each week. May 2nd - June 28th


    [No classes May 23rd]


    Classes are built around play and games disguising the learning aspect. This format encourages more engagement from the class resulting in better participation.


    Soccer skills they will develop

    • Start to develop a range of kicking
    • Slow directional dribbling and control
    • Enjoy scoring goals
    1. Weather - With the classes being outdoors we will be subject to changing weather conditions. We aim to run the classes rain or shine, however there will be occasions where it is just not possible to run the classes safely. In the event of torrential rain, a polar vortex (or similar) we will likely cancel the class. If this happens we will email all participants and also update the 'Weather' page on the website 1-2 hours before the due start time. For classes that are cancelled by Williamsburg Soccer Club we will offer a make up class (subject to availability) or a credit towards the next term. If you choose not to attend one of the classes that we deem fit to run, there will be no refund or credit given. Williamsburg Soccer Club also reserve the right to cancel classes due to adverse weather conditions at any point in time, including while class is in progress as the safety of the participants and staff are our number 1 priority.
    2. Clothing/water - Wear weather appropriate clothing for the outdoor classes and bring a bottle of water.
    3. Sunscreen - we will have sunscreen availbale for use, however this must be applied by the parents/carers/guardians before the class starts as we are unaware of any potential allergies.
    4. Toilet breaks - There are public toilets available for use, however they are at the other end of the field so make sure you use them on the way to class. If a toilet break is needed mid class, the parent/carer/guardian will be responsible for taking the player.
    5. Parent attendance required (not drop off) - Please note the outdoor classes are not drop off classes. Parents/carers/guardians will be required to stay for the duration of the class.
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