The Post, Indoor - Sunday 9.00am

5 week class term, 30 minutes each week from January 24th - February 28th.


Closed on February 14th. 


Classes are built around play and games disguising the learning aspect. This format encourages more engagement from the class resulting in better participation.


Soccer skills they will develop

  • Start to develop a range of kicking

  • Slow directional dribbling and control

  • Enjoy scoring goals


It's our first time playing soccer, what will my soccer star learn?

How to run, have fun, little kicks, score goals as well as practicing colors and numbers. They won't be doing stepovers or Cruyff turns just yet! Our main aim of these first classes is to make sure they have fun and get familiar with the ball and their feet, and get them accustomed to listening to instructions from our coaches!



Will they pay attention and be able to do all drills on the first class?

Maybe, maybe not! We have to remember that listening to a stranger give instructions isn't the norm for them yet and saying you can't use your hands can be even more confusing. They will learn, they will have fun and they will learn the basic building blocks to help them as they get older and more capable.



Do parents need to be involved?

This is a parent/guardian participation class, after the 1st class we try to limit parent/guardian involvement so there is just one voice giving instructions to listen to.

The Post, Indoor - Sunday 9.00am

  • They take place at The Post, 100 Dobbin Street (3 minutes from Mccarren park and The Backyard) on a indoor turf field. It's the ideal safe and secure environment.


    THE POST BK is a new 17000 Square foot facility proudly offering:

    • Three full court basketball & futsal courts

    • Turf soccer court

    • Yoga and Fitness studios

    • Community Partner’s Classrooms, Computer Lab, and Offices

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