Bushwick Inlet, Sun 8am for 2yrs  - Early Spring 2021

4 week class term, 35 minutes each week from March 21st - April 11th

Classes are built around play and games disguising the learning aspect. This format encourages more engagement from the class resulting in better participation.


Soccer skills they will develop

  • Start to develop a range of kicking
  • Slow directional dribbling and control
  • Enjoy scoring goals



What will my soccer star learn?

- Our coaches will lead them through a series of organized mini games that help to develop listening skills, balance, running, playing as a group, basic ball skills and foot-eye coordination. The activities will also help to teach gross motor skills that are crucial to healthy development and of course include, scoring lots of goals!



Will they pay attention and be able to do all drills on the first class?

- Every single child is different! Typically at this age our soccer players are attending school or daycare and have a better understanding of using their listening ears. Although we don’t expect every single player to be able to focus on their first day, this does get better every week. Once they become accustomed to the routine and our coaches they will pay attention more and more as the weeks progress. As this class will also have some 3yr olds you'll find that the 2yr olds will follow the more advanced players and learn faster!



Do parents need to be involved?

- This is at the complete discretion of parents, if your child needs a little extra help please feel free to jump in (especially on the first day!) otherwise, we encourage parents to take a few steps back and see how their soccer players do on their own.


Bushwick Inlet, Sun 8am for 2yrs - Early Spring 2021

  • Classes take place outdoors at Bushwick Inlet Park, Kent Av, Williamsburg, NY 11249

    Bushwick Inlet Park is the centerpiece of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront and stretches along the East River between North 9th and 12th Streets

    This park incorporates natural and urban structures, bringing Greenpoint's waterfront and natural areas into the community around it. Visitors can admire the views or use the park's facilities for active recreation. 

    The park includes a multipurpose field for soccer, football, lacrosse, field hockey, rugby, and ultimate frisbee, a green building with a green roof, a viewing platform, playground and public accesss to the waterfront.

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