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Winter 2022 Soccer Classes start!

The winter season is almost upon us and starts from February 12th. There will only be classes indoor at The Post BK for this 6 week term due to the cold weather. Outdoor options will return at the end of March.

Indoors at The Post - 6 weeks (February 12th - March 24th)

No classes on February 21st due to Presidents Day

Instructions for arrival and what do I need on my first day:

  1. Check in with a WSC staff member upon arrival

  2. Complete the liability waiver prior to your first day of class to save time when checking in

  3. Do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your class starting

  4. Please bring a water bottle for the water break

  5. Wear comfortable clothing to play soccer in. Full kits welcome!

  6. Per the New York guidelines all people over the age of 12 will need to show proof of vaccination to enter the building and all people over the age of three must wear a mask at all times. Please note, this is subject to change and we will send updated as guidelines change. Thank you for understanding!

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