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When you don’t have a ball.

There have been many times growing up when you don’t have a ball for one reason or another. Here are a few reasons why you could find yourself in this situation and some of the top alternatives when your in a pinch.

1- “I’m taking my ball and going home”

in at the top, a classic line and one to be aware of. Make sure whoever owns the ball doesn’t get kicked too much and gets upset as that could mean the end of the game.

2- The flyaway ⚽️

“I’ve got a ball” great! “It’s from the garage” damn you know that means a fly away, the cheapest of cheap balls and one that floats away in the wind when you kick it. Great for the beach (maybe) but it doesn’t cut it in the park.

3- The egged ball 🥚

if you sit on the ball this is what you end up with. Something that doesn’t roll true and makes your touch look worse than it is, after all footballs should be round.


1- Tennis ball 🎾

pretty standard however a lot harder to play with. If someone has one in their pocket your in luck, but how many people are walking around with tennis balls?

2- Crushed can🥫

this makes for a great alternative, however it doesn’t work on grass. It’s a playground ball. Make sure you squeeze the can slightly on all sides so it squashed into a perfect disc!

3- Bottle top

the plastic cap of a Coke (other soda available) bottle works great. It’s small, it’s fast and will definitely improve your touch. Another playground alternative, but how often are you allowed on the grass these days?

If you grew up playing with any other alternatives, add a comment!

Spot the ball

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