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Three tips for beginners practicing at home

1. For absolute beginners and toddlers, first introduce them to the ball and share with them the fun of playing with and kicking the ball. For Toddlers tell them that in soccer we only use our feet not our hands. This might need a little persistence and good humour.

2. Teach them to put their foot on top of the ball. Ask them to change their feet and do it with the other foot. Then when their confidence is growing, gently roll it forwards and backwards. Putting their foot on the ball allows them to build confidence that they can control it and keep it with them. It helps them develop balance and core strengths. It also which allows them to look up and see where they are going to kick it.

3. Explain to them about controlling the ball when it is moving towards them and to not let it run away. Gently role the ball towards their feet. Show them the different parts of the foot they can control the ball with. At this early stage share the control the ball with the side of your foot. Demonstrate yourself using the ball, then ask them which is the sole and which is the side.

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