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Something for the younger sibling - Mini Kicks!

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Classes for 18-23 months.

They take place at The Wild, 272 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11222

This is a parent/guardian participation class, where toddlers will be introduced to basic soccer and movement skills. Our coach will lead you through a series of organized mini games that help to develop listening skills, balance, running, playing as a group, basic ball skills and foot-eye coordination.

The activities will also help to teach gross motor skills that are crucial to healthy development and of course include, scoring lots of goals!

Classes will be themed to help disguise learning and ensure the content is fun, relevant and easy to follow. The class is for first time players and beginners looking for their first introduction to soccer. Class capacity 6 kids.

Note - about 60% of instruction will be directed at the parent/guardian.

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