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Playing for fun

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The Solskjaer effect that Manchester United are currently experiencing is something amazing. You can have great players but if they are not happy and enjoying playing soccer then they are not going to give their all and play their best.

Key players are so content and comfortable in themselves, while others are more than happy to complement that by fighting for the cause.

They look like the good team they should be. A group of very good players have been allowed to be exactly that.

We can learn a lot from this and already incorporate this philosophy in to our classes to ensure all participants have fun, enjoy playing and are free to express themselves on the field.

“Kids’ soccer is all about the individual loving the game: dribbling and shooting, playing games and scoring goals, experimenting and copying. It is very simple and lots of fun.

Adult football is all about the team and results. It is physical, tactical, complicated and very serious.”

Tom Statham of Manchester United Academy

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