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Coach Steven's top tips

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Three soccer training tips to practice at home to boost your child's skills!


The number one tip and simplest one I can offer, which will ring true throughout a child’s development — stay active! Soccer is a high intensity sport with few breaks in between. It’s key to set a strong fitness foundation at an early age. This along with a healthy diet of course!


Kick the ball around as much as possible. Dribbling around with the ball will allow them to get a feel for ball movement, and that of there own. For the toddlers, it helps with their motor skill development.


Touch and Control: as they are dribbling around, one other thing you can do is pause and throw the ball at them. Lob it slow, fast, high or low, for them to receive with different parts of the body (except hands.) Overtime they will learn to trap the ball. This is also a good way to lose fear of the ball as most children’s instinct is too catch it with their hands.

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